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5 Data Breach Risks Your Organisation Needs to Consider

An ever-growing number of organisations are getting worried about data breaches. Don’t fixate too hard on the cinematic idea of cunning hackers infiltrating your computers with sinister purpose; the range of threats against your systems and data is broader than you might imagine.

This wide-ranging survey of data threats is intended to expand your horizons and get you thinking about some of the most likely data breach scenarios your organisation needs to consider. Data protection officer services in the UK can help, but you first need to know what risks they can help with.

1) Human Error

From the most secure government system to the humblest small business, the greatest data breach threat is always the same: ordinary human error.

A distressing number of data breaches come down to a single individual exposing sensitive information by failing to follow procedures – or by acting rashly in a situation where an organisation has no data security procedures. A simple example that’s all too common is the accidental release of a mailing list. If an employee puts a list of recipients into the CC field instead of the BCC field, every recipient gets a look at every email address on the list. This can be embarrassing if all the members of a marketing newsletter now have each other’s contact information. The problem can turn into a disaster if the common theme uniting the recipients is something more sensitive, like political affiliation or sharing a medical condition.

2) Social Engineering

This is a type of malicious attack that is so common and so insidious that it deserves consideration ahead of movie-type hacking. The perpetrators will masquerade as people who might conceivably be entitled to the data they’re after. Then they will attempt to coax an authorised user to break data security without … Read More ...

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What Is a Colocation Centre and How Important Is It?


A colocation data centre refers to a managed facility where organisations can lease space. Here, the space could be within a separate and defined cage, a dedicated cabinet or a rack. There is a huge difference between colocation centres and outsourcing to a wholesale data centre. In the latter, you will have to lease a fully built data centre. On the other hand, with a colocation data centre, you will lease a smaller space with cooling, power, security and engineering services as well as connectivity to suit your needs.

Is It Wrong to Keep My Kit On-site?

You can always keep your kit on site or in a dedicated facility. However, with time, your organisation will need more computer power and resilient connectivity as well as flexible capacity. Therefore, providing the right data centre needs might become more complex and eventually expensive. Building, maintenance and management of an in-house data centre takes up a lot of resources, especially with IT and CapEx. Also, it will use much-needed office space and might produce a lot of unnecessary noise.

Why Should I Use a Colocation Facility Immediately?

Although having an in-house data centre is a good idea, sometimes it’s not worth the risk. It takes up too many resources to build and maintain an in-house data centre. Therefore, if your company is changing, you might be forced to use a colocation centre. On the other hand, you might have reviewed the existing IT delivery model and found it’s not worth having an in-house data centre.

Sometimes, you might be forced to choose a colocation centre because of an office relocation, acquisition, merger or growth that is putting a lot of pressure on your office space forcing reallocation of your costs. Whatever it is, choosing a colocation centre will be … Read More ...

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A Discussion on Whether Peanut Butter Is Good or Bad


Peanut butter is one of the most popular foods in the world and it is easy to see why. It is creamy, spreads easily, has a lovely texture and is absolutely delicious.

However, not everyone likes peanut butter or can even eat it. There are those who are allergic to peanuts, which means that peanut butter can potentially kill them.

So, What Exactly Is Peanut Butter Made of?

In most cases, peanut butter is made exactly how it sounds. The peanuts are roasted and then they are ground up until they form into a natural paste. When it comes to commercially produced peanut butter, many other ingredients are typically added such as vegetable oils, sugar, trans fat etc. As a result, it is better to buy peanut butter that is naturally made because these types only consist of peanuts and a little bit of salt for added taste.

Since peanut butter is basically ground peanuts, the effects of peanuts should be the same as peanut butter. As a result, that makes both peanuts and peanut butter a great source of protein.

Peanut butter is an excellent source of energy and it actually contains the 3 macro-nutrients that the body needs. Basically, 100 grams of peanut will have:

• Protein – 25 grams, which makes up 15% of the calories. This is a lot of protein, especially when compared to various other plant-based foods which have naturally less protein.
• Carbohydrates – 20 grams; this makes up 13% of the calories with fibre being 6% of that percentage.
• Fat – 50 grams; this makes up the largest portion of calories at 72%.

As you can see, peanut butter has a significant amount of protein; however, it doesn’t have much methionine which is an essential amino acid. This is … Read More ...

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I mean, for those who had a pet wolf educated not to maul folks then you possibly can watch it run around or whatever it might do, however do snakes do anything thrilling? I imply my rabbit is in a cage a part of the day, is held for a … Read More ...

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