5 Semi-Automatic Social Bookmark Submitters

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "seo"Social bookmarking sites can drive more traffic than search engines but the process of manual submitting links to social bookmarking sites is very time-consuming. Another way is to buy links but it can be very expensive over time. It is possible to outsource this task to a third party or to get an automated tool to submit to social bookmarking sites but both alternatives have their disadvantages – when outsourced, there is no complete control over how the bookmarks are submitted; when automated tools are used, this poses a real risk to be banned from social bookmarking sites.

Fortunately, there are the so called semi-automatic social bookmark submitters. They are in-between manual social bookmarking submitting and automated social bookmarking submitting. With semi-automatic social bookmark submitters a webmaster has to register accounts with the social bookmarking sites he or she wants to submit to and occasionally enter a captcha or two but the rest is automated.

Semi-automatic social bookmark submitters can really save a lot of time and effort, yet help to get backlinks and drive traffic to site. Here are some top picks of semi-automatic social bookmark submitters.


SocialMarking offers a decent collection of social bookmarking sites – currently the site lists over 130 of them. Many of the top social bookmarking sites are included in the list. The limitation is that SocialMarking allows to input only the page title and the URL of the bookmarked page but doesn’t allow to enter a description and keywords. Still, once the title and the URL are entered and the webmaster starts submitting the page, when he or she is on a particular social bookmarking site, he or she can enter the description and the keywords manually.


SocialList offers a really impressive number of sites – 1,650 (the number is provided by the site). For many webmasters this number is hard to comprehend and it is obvious that the average social bookmarking campaign includes times less than that but if desired, a page can be promoted to 1,650 social bookmarking sites at once. The Top 50 list includes the most important social bookmarking sites, so if a webmaster doesn’t want to spend days bookmarking a single page, he or she can concentrate on the most important sites only.


Compared to SocialList, SocialPoster is a poor relative because it offers only 79 sites. However, these 79 sites are the ones that really work, so actually this is what a webmaster needs. Additionally, SocialPoster allows to select only Dofollow sites or all sites.

It is very convenient that the PR and the Alexa ranking of each site are listed next to it (together with a link to its registration and login pages) because this way a webmaster can judge if a particular site is worth including in the list or not. Most of the social bookmarking sites in this list have high PR but there are also a few with PR of 1 or even 0 and they can be safely excluded from the list.


SocialMarker is one of the best known semi-automatic social bookmark submitters. Its list includes almost 300 sites and it is possible to filter them according several criteria, such as Best, Dofollow, News, etc. Unlike the other semi-automatic social bookmark submitters, SocialMarker doesn’t show a list of all the sites. Instead, they are navigated one by one and this is a bit painful, when the sites one wants to bookmark at are somewhere near the end because he or she has to scroll through the whole series of almost 300 sites.


SocialSubmit is yet another semi-automatic social bookmark submitter to consider. It contains a moderate list of top social bookmarking sites but for a quick campaign it is OK.

These 5 semi-automatic social bookmark submitters are a great SEO tool. All of them have at least the basic functionality to submit to the most popular social bookmarking sites and most of them have an option to add them as buttons to a site, thus making it easier for visitors to bookmark. For some of the sites in the list browser buttons are also available.