Facial Epilators – the marketing angle

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "facial epilator"The marketing strategy of any product or service is designed keeping in mind the target group of customers. A marketing strategy which fails to address the consumers or fails to appeal to the sensibilities of the customers can never succeed in a demand driven economy. An equally important factor while deciding on a marketing strategy is the nature of the product being marketed.


Facial epilators by virtue of their nature are not a commodity that is purchased by an individual everyday. It is for this reason that it needs to promise value for money. This can be done best by ensuring that the quality standards are met right from the initiation stage. Adding additional features which add less to the cost structure but deliver great value for its customers is a smart move in this area. The target audience for facial epilators is not the entire female population of a country but instead the part of the fairer sex which pays attention to detail and does not always have the time to rush to a parlour at the eleventh hour before any event. The packaging, colour and even the pricing should be decided after paying due consideration to these factors.


The distribution network choice is a fundamental aspect which determines the success of any product in India. Does the product need to reach the rural clutters? Does the product find place in small nukkad shops or air conditioned shopping malls? How much will people readily pay for it? Can the product be sold off shelf or is sales personnel required? The answers to such questions probably builds the marketing and distribution strategy itself without the need of a fancy over paid market analyst. Thus, given their nature, epilators are best sold off shelf to the urban mind which frequents the shopping mall.