Factors To Consider In A Wedding Photography Contract

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "wedding photographer"Once you have decided upon the kind of photographer you want to hire, you need to sign on the dotted line to make the engagement formal. However, before signing on the wedding photography contract there are certain factors you need to consider so that you get what you signed up for. Here is a list of things to remember when revising your wedding photography contract.

  • Your wedding photography contract needs to be very specific about the special day. All the day’s events that need to be photographed should be listed out. The exact length of stay of the photographer, any assistant photographer coming in, hourly rates if any-everything should be listed down and crystal clear so that all your memorable moments are captured.
  • Include the place and time details of your wedding ceremony. This way, your wedding photographer will be clear about the location, the venue, the timing and any other in-between stop overs. Include addresses, phone numbers and any other relevant details so that there is smooth co-ordination.
  • Wedding photography always comes in a package. Before you book a wedding photographer, discuss the same with him. The inclusions of the package, the length of time for which the photographer is committed, the number of final wedding photos you expect to receive, the time it will take for the photographer to give you the complete wedding album, the number of people the photographer will be bringing etc.
  • If there are any specific shots you want from the wedding day, be specific about it to your photographer. Many photographers make a list of must-have photos so that everything is covered for the D-day.
  • Discuss payment options with the photographer. Many photographers want an advance payment for their work while some take full payment before undertaking the task.

These factors need to be carefully thought and discussed over before signing the wedding photography contract.