Mark Hurd: Net Worth

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "mark hurd"How much a successful businessman and CEO of one of the largest companies across the planet worth? You may expect billions or even more, but the truth is different. Mark Hurd net worth is $70 million. Maybe this doesn’t sound too much, but this person is actually more focused on the company’s growth and customer service improvement than on his personal bank account balance. This is rare nowadays and it definitely deserves a positive rate.

Keep in mind that he started as an average employee, with an average degree and he got his degree thanks to the tennis scholarship. All of this means that he stands out from the crowd which consists of rich people just continuing the paths of their parents. As such, there are a lot of additional things we will have to mention about him,

Salary and bonuses Mark Hurd has

Oracle is a $37 billion company, or in other words, one of the largest and the most profitable companies in the United States. Nevertheless, the salary of Mark is $950.000 which isn’t extremely high, if you take into account his position in the company. He is CEO and he is one of the most important people there. Still, bonuses are an important addition and they are commonly used by businessmen as mandatory and the second main budget funding source. In this case, we look at bonuses of $10 million. It may look high, but it isn’t the highest figure we know about.

The salary of Hurd stayed the same since 2013. In 2014 there were absolutely none of the increases. Recently we have got an information that his salary increases to $2.4 million. This sounds impressive, but still, it isn’t the highest salary in the industry. It is expected that before retirement, Hurd will have a net worth of $80 million.