30 Best Interactive Dog Toys for Bored Pups

Best Hide and Seek Toy

ZippyPaws Hide and Seek Chipmunk Log Toy

Amazon’s Choice

Hide and Seek Chipmunk Log Toy

If your furry friend loves chasing squirrels, chipmunks, rabbits … pretty much anything with a tail, they’ll adore this hide-and-seek toy. Both sturdy and durable — though not recommended for aggressive chewers — they’ll finally get to “catch” their wild friends when they dig them out of the log.

Best Digging Toy

iFetch Digging Dog Toy

Digging Dog Toy

This interactive treat mat will help satisfy your dog’s natural inclination to dig. Equipped with loads of pockets to fill with treats or toys, it’s guaranteed to give them a good time. “My two Dalmatians love this toy. They are large enough to throw it around a bit but so far it seems to be holding up. The mats can be removed for cleaning and to rearrange. Really happy with this purchase!” a reviewer wrote.

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Best 2-in-1 Toy

PETSTA Squeaky Treat Dispensing Dog Enrichment Toy

On Sale

Squeaky Treat Dispensing Dog Enrichment Toy

Now 14% Off

Credit: Petsta

This hide-and-seek treat-dispensing toy is meant to mentally stimulate your dog and keep boredom at bay with endless squeaky fun. Fill each pocket with dog food or treats and see how long it takes them to figure out the pattern.

Best Toy for Dogs With Anxiety

MooonGem Lick Mats

Lick Mats

While lick mats are often used for dogs that eat too quickly, they can also be used to stave off anxiety. These lick mats are great for keeping your dog busy while you’re away for the afternoon.

Best Toy for Larger Breeds

Zeus the Bulldog Interactive Toy

On Sale

Zeus the Bulldog Interactive Toy

This plush playmate will keep your dog on its toes as it barks, shakes, and rolls in an unpredictable pattern. It works on many surface types including carpet, grass, and gravel so is great for keeping them busy at home or the park. One caveat: “If your dog likes to chew toys more than play then the plush covering may take a beating,” wrote a reviewer.

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Best Multi-Functional Toy

Automatic Rolling Ball Toy

Automatic Rolling Ball Toy

It’s no secret that dogs love to play with moving items and with this automatic rolling ball toy, they’ll be able to do it all day long. Bonus: The rolling with bouncing mode and the active bouncing ball mode will attract them, too.

Best Squeaky Dog Toy

ZENAPOKI 3 in 1 Squeaky Dog Toy

On Sale

3 in 1 Squeaky Dog Toy

Now 50% Off

Credit: Zenapoki

Is your dog an aggressive chewer? This 3-in-1 squeaky dog toy is built to last. And once your dog gets through the first layer, there’s another fun toy for your dog to destroy, and even one more inside of that.

Best Fun Toy

HONGID Crawling Crab Dog Toy

On Sale

Crawling Crab Dog Toy

Your dog will love chasing this interactive crab. Flashing lights and sounds keep dogs coming back for more. And, if you have more than one dog, they can both get in on the fun together.

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Best Chew Toy

WEST PAW Funnel Dog Chew Toy

Funnel Dog Chew Toy

This combination of puzzle and enrichment chew will keep your pooch busy for hours. Simply insert the accompanying treat and watch your dog figure out how to best lick, bite, and chew the yummy snack.

Best Toy For Hours of Entertainment

WOOF Long Lasting Dog Pupsicle

On Sale

Long Lasting Dog Pupsicle

This toy is meant to be used with premade Pupscicle pops that are less messy than traditional butters or chews that accompany such enrichment toys. Simply insert the pupscicle and watch as your dog enjoys a special treat. It comes in a variety of sizes based on your dog’s weight.

Best Bone Toy for Non-Aggressive Chewers

Automatic Moving Dog Toy

On Sale

Automatic Moving Dog Toy

Now 13% Off

Credit: Petgeek

Perfect for medium to large dogs who aren’t aggressive chewers, this is one toy that will grab their attention at first glance. “My puppy remains engaged playing with the bone, it’s rechargeable, and the customer support stands by its product,” one reviewer wrote.

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Best Toy for All Dog Sizes

CHEWFFON Enrichment Snuffle Crinkle Treat Puzzle Toy

Enrichment Snuffle Crinkle Treat Puzzle Toy

Fill up the pockets of these cute potato chips and watch your dog’s natural instinct to sniff and dig come to life. Suitable for small, medium, or large dogs.

Best for Extended Play Time

FABLE FABLE Treat Dispensing Dog Toy

FABLE Treat Dispensing Dog Toy

Fable pet toys are modern and sleek, so they look good in any home, and this treat dispenser is a great example of what the company offers. The product has a weighted bottom, and irregular movements entice a dog to interact and play.

Best Enrichment Toy

Earth Rated Natural Rubber Enrichment Toy

On Sale

Natural Rubber Enrichment Toy

Now 23% Off

Credit: Earth Rated

This durable enrichment toy is meant to be filled with peanut butter or bully sticks to keep your dog entertained for about one hour. The best part? It’s dishwasher safe.

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Best Toy for Fetch

Self Fetch Squeaker Toy

On Sale

Self Fetch Squeaker Toy

Now 40% Off

Credit: ChuckIt!

If you have a fetch-obsessed dog, they’ll love this squeaker toy that allows them to fetch time and again without the help of their owner. The slick base allows the toy to glide on hard surfaces, activating your dog’s instinct to chase.

Best Toy for Hunting Dogs

Sniff and Seek Game for Dogs

Sniff and Seek Game for Dogs

Hunting dogs love a good fame a hide and seek. Target your dog’s natural instincts and test the strength of his sniffer with this scent finding game.

Best Feeding Mat

Snuffle Mat Dog Feeding Mat

Snuffle Mat Dog Feeding Mat

Great for nose training and slowing down how quickly your pup eats, this feeding mat which encourages them to sniff out hidden treats is large, durable, and non-slip. “This is one of my favorite mats,” said Coffiel. “It will keep your fur babies entertained and comfy when they’re home alone.”

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Best Budget-Friendly Treat Dispenser

Adjustable Treat Dispensing Ball

Adjustable Treat Dispensing Ball

The ability to adjust the difficulty on this easy-to-clean treat ball when your dog figures out how to roll it in order to get the treats out makes it both mentally and physically stimulating. According to Coffiel, it’s “one of the best budget-friendly options around!”

Best Bone Toy

Wickedbone Smart Bone

On Sale

Smart Bone

Now 20% Off

Credit: Wickedbone

Your smart pup will love playing with this interactive smart bone toy with or without you. Need to keep your pup busy while you’re doing work? Set it to automatic. Ready to spend some quality time with your fur baby? Use the app to control it like an automatic car. With sound and a long battery life, it’ll keep any size breed busy for as long as you need.

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