March 5, 2024

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All special animal spawning times and locations in FFXIV’s Island Sanctuary

There are many things to do in one of Final Fantasy XIV’s most beloved features, Island Sanctuaries. Players can drop their weapons and chill out on their dedicated island, grow crops, build a hideaway, and gather all sorts of materials.

One of the things players can do is keep up with their pastures. Players can put wild animals they capture using restraints of varying sizes. These animals drop useful materials once a day, provided you feed them and pet them to keep them happy.

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Right now, you can upgrade the pasture up to level three and you’ll be able to capture more animals by climbing up the Island Sanctuary ranks and getting access to the restraint crafting recipe adapted for bigger animals. If you’re careful, you might already have noticed that sometimes, special animals stand out from the rest. When captured, they give special items that can be used for workshop production.

All special animal spawning times and locations in FFXIV Island Sanctuaries

Players capture animals by crafting one of the three restraint sizes: small, medium, or large. Not all restraints will be available at lower Island Sanctuary ranks. To increase your chance of capturing animals, try to use the restraint when you are standing behind the animal. One of three things will happen: the animal will be captured, the animal will not be captured but is unaware of your presence and stays spawned, or the animal will see you and disappear.

Unfortunately, if your capture fails, you’ll have to wait for the next time it comes around (Eorzean time) to catch it, so it can be a long process depending on your luck and the weather changes on the island. Players can see when the weather will change to a time when they can find the rare animal they want to capture with the Island Sanctuary Weather tool.

Here is the list of current known special animals and how to capture them (all times are in Eorzean time):

Animal Requirements Coordinates Size
Lost Lamb N/A X:20 Y:23 Small
Ornery Karakul Fair Skies X:20 Y:23 Small
Opo-Opo N/A X:20 Y:26 Small
Lemur 6am to 9pm X:20 Y:26 Small
Apkallu N/A X:19 Y:11 Small
Apkallu of Paradise 12pm to 3pm X:19 Y:11 Small
Ground Squirrel N/A X:15 Y:19 Small
Star Marmot 9am to 12pm X:15 Y:19 Small
Coblyn N/A X:20 Y:13 Small
Yellow Coblyn Fog X: 27 Y:19 Small
Beachcomb 12am to 3pm – Rain X:18 Y:13 Small
Twinklefleece 6pm to 9pm – Fog X:22 Y:21 Small
Morbol Seedling 3am to 6am – Clouds X:19, Y:19 Small
Wild Dodo N/A X:16 Y:12 Medium
Dodo of Paradise 3pm to 6pm X:16 Y:12 Medium
Island Doe N/A X:21 Y:19 Medium
Island Stag 6pm to 9pm X:21 Y:19 Medium
Chocobo N/A X:20 Y:21 Medium
Black Chocobo Clear Skies X:13 Y:11 Medium
Glyptodon Pup N/A X:32 Y:11 Medium
Glyptodon 12am to 3pm X:32 Y:11 Medium
Paissa (requires flight) 12pm to 3pm – Fair Skies X:25 Y:28 Medium
Tiger of Paradise 6pm to 9pm – Fair Skies X:15: Y:14 Medium
Aurochs N/A X:12 Y:17 Large
Grand Buffalo Clouds X:12 Y:17 Large
Island Nanny N/A X:26 Y:24 Large
Island Billy 3am to 6am X:26 Y:24 Large
Blue Back N/A X:28 Y:28 Large
Gold Back Rain X:31 Y:28 Large
Alligator 6am to 9pm – Showers X:17 Y:24 Large
Goobbue 9am to 12pm – Clouds X:33 Y:16 Large
Griffon 4pm to 6pm – Clear Skies X:14 Y:22 Large