Amazon Pet Day 2024: Deals on toys for dogs and cats

AMAZON PET DAY DEALS: May 8th is Amazon Pet Day. Get deals on enrichment toys, apparel, and more. These deals end at midnight.

It’s National Pet Month, and Amazon is celebrating with its annual Amazon Pet Day sale. This 48-hour event (ending at 11:59 p.m. on May 8) offers incredible deals and discounts on a wide range of pet products, from toys to treats and everything in between.

Now’s your chance to upgrade your pet’s playtime and stock up on their favorite goodies. In addition to standard playtime favorites like balls, squeaky toys, and ropes, Amazon has hundreds of deals on interactive and engaging toys and puzzles designed to keep your pet entertained for hours.


The best dog puzzles to occupy your pup and keep them mentally stimulated

These enrichment toys challenge your pet’s mind with puzzles, treat-dispensing features, and interactive elements. They encourage problem-solving and natural instincts like sniffing and foraging.

Here are some of our favorite deals on enrichment toys for pets during Amazon Pet Day:

Best dog toy deal

Why we like it

The Nina Ottoson Dog Twister treat puzzle is our top pick for dogs. It works with just about any training-sized treat, and the interactive triangle block compartments keep your dog engaged and entertained as they work to find the hidden treats. Even better, this top-rated puzzle toy is available for just $6.84, down from $16.99. That’s a 60% discount.

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Best cat toy deal

Why we like it

The Nina Ottoson Buggin’ Out Puzzle & Play cat puzzle game is our favorite pick for cats. This interactive puzzle with bug-shaped interactive elements has 16 separate compartments and requires your cat to use their paws and nose to uncover the hidden treats. It can also be used for daily feeding to stimulate your cat’s mind and encourage natural hunting behaviors.

Mashable Deals

Plus, it’s currently on sale for only $12.20. That’s a 36% discount.

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Best rabbit toy deal

Why we like it

Dogs and cats aren’t the only pets who can enjoy interactive toys. This eight-piece Stacking Cups set is our top pick for rabbits. The cups feature small holes so you can hide treats or pieces of hay inside, providing mental stimulation and encouraging foraging behavior. (It’s kind of like Montessori for rabbits.) The discount isn’t significant, but bunnies love these little nesting toys. Just look at Instagram, and you’ll find countless adorable bunnies playing with these cups.

More enrichment toys for rabbits, hampsters, and gerbils: