September 23, 2023

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Chicago animal shelter keeping dogs cool despite the heat

CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) — The extreme heat has many pet lovers taking precautions to make sure their pets are safe, but animals currently living at shelters need the same attention, too.

Fortunately, Chicago Animal Care and Control’s Armando Tejeda said the City-run shelter is getting the help it needs to take good care of its four-legged friends.

“We have great volunteers that actually showed up today,” Tejeda said. “They’re taking the dogs on shorter walks than they normally would, just to limit their outside exposure with the heat. All of the dogs have access to water; we’re keeping those bowls nice and full. Our volunteers are staying hydrated, too.”

Tejeda said the animal care and control teams have a plan in place to make sure the animals can stay cool despite real-feel temperatures that reached triple digits on Thursday.

“We definitely have our air conditioner running here at animal care and control,” he said. “Our trucks are also air conditioned for any animals that we’re picking up and bringing in. We have a huge tent that we just set up in the back — it’s 40 feet by 20 [feet], so it offers some shade back there. We also have trees that are offering shade.”

Chicago Animal Care and Control

Chicago’s Animal Care and Control teams have been working to keep their dogs cool during the intense heat.

Photo credit Chicago Animal Care and Control

So far, Tejeda said they’ve had no issues and added that their volunteers are well-versed on what to look for if an animal is showing signs of being overheated.

Chicago Animal Care and Control shared to social media the signs of heat stroke in dogs and cats include.

For dogs, it can include: heavy panting, difficulty breathing, unsteadiness, a “fire-red” tongue, excessive thirst, pale mucous membranes, glassy eyes, an elevated heartbeat, vomiting and collapse. Those at highest risk of heat stroke include short-snouted dogs, long-haired dogs and young dogs.

In cats, signs of heat stroke can include: confusion, drooling, bright red or pale gums, panting, low energy, seizures, confusion, diarrhea, vomiting and collapse.

Chicago Animal Care and Control is waiving adoption fees through the end of August.

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