May 23, 2024

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Couple sleeping outside to raise money for new animal shelter

VILLE PLATTE, La. (KLFY) — A couple is sleeping with the dogs to raise funds for a new shelter for Heroes Everywhere Animal Rescue.

Matthew Baker and his wife Bre are in charge of the Heroes Everywhere Animal Rescue (H.E.A.R.) currently taking care of over 60 dogs in need of their new forever home. This weekend, the couple is beginning their unique mission of sleeping outside with the animals in order to raise awareness for animals in need and raise funds for a new facility.

“My wife and I are putting in every bit of effort that we have to be able to help these strays. We didn’t ask for this, we didn’t maneuver to get it, It just kind of fell into our lap. So, we feel like it’s a good thing that God put it in front of us and we want to do the best we can to honor him by doing as much as we can,” said Baker.

Baker says the issue of stray dogs in Evangeline Parish is only getting worse, with an estimated 12,000 stray dogs at large and growing. While the parish is currently working on building a new animal shelter, Baker says it will lead to mass euthanasia.

With H.E.A.R., currently sheltering 64 dogs, giving them vet care and food, Baker says they are at capacity and looking to build an addition to their facility.

“What we’re trying to build is a 26-kennel indoor shelter with proper drainage that we’re going to be able to properly sanitize it. It’ll have a puppy area with puppy crates, it’ll have two helping kennels for nursing moms and we’ll also have a quarantine area for when dogs come in. The most exciting thing about this, what we’re trying to do is that’s going to have a vetting room,” Baker explained.

Such a project is going to require funding as Baker says they need an estimated $250,000 to get it done. In an effort to raise the funds, Baker and his wife will be leaving the comfort of their home to sleep outside with dogs they shelter until the goal is met.

“So I’ll probably be out here for a while quite honestly, and I’m ok with that. I’m willing to do whatever it takes to get this done,” said Baker.

As Baker prepares to start his mission of taking care of animals in need across the parish, he shares his excitement about other joining and lending a helping paw.

“I’m kind of stoked, to be honest with you about it. It’s not that bad. And plus, I’ve got a cot that amazon donated. I really I’m hopeful that people will kind of join me in doing it or recognize what we’re doing and take part in some way,” said Baker.

Anyone who would like to donate and take part in changing the lives of these animals can reach out to the Heroes Everywhere Animal Rescue by calling them at (337)210-6553, or through their Facebook and website.

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