September 24, 2023

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Daily Top News: Dog’s Hilarious Water Drinking Method, Animals Brutally Killed at Oklahoma Pet Store, Alicia Silverstone’s Eco-Friendly Home, and More!

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Every day, One Green Planet brings you today’s top news. For those who don’t have a lot of time to look through the news each day, this will be a great resource and an easy way to catch up!

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1. Blanket Thief Golden Retriever Goes Viral

Posted to the TikTok account @rusty.the.rascal, a viral video shows a Golden Retriever turned blanket thief caught on camera. Rusty the retriever can be seen in the video holding a blue blanket that he has stolen. He stares into the camera, appearing to assess the situation as a voice asks “What do you have?” Ignoring the question, the adorable blanket thief hops up onto a couch, pulling his treasure with him. 

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2. Italian Greyhound’s Unconventional Water Drinking Method Cracks Up Internet

Hydration is crucial, especially during extreme heat like the planet is currently experiencing. Knowing this, one Italian Greyhound named Nori takes her water consumption very seriously. Nori’s unconventional water drinking method has taken the internet by storm. In a video posted to Nori’s TikTok account, @noritheiggyy, viewers were delighted to observe Nori’s unusual approach to hydration.

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3. Canine “Hype Man” Copies His Pregnant Human

An adorable video shows a Dachshund who appears to be helping his pregnant mom exercise. Captioned “Remy is his Moms HYPE MANN!!,” the video shows the adorable pup next to his very pregnant human who is bouncing on an exercise ball. The canine “hype man” can be seen bouncing up and down alongside her, his ears flopping along. 

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4. After 11 Years of Waiting, Sweet Senior Pit Bull Has Found Forever Home!

In 2012 when Vanessa was just a puppy, her former human surrendered to her at Villalobos Rescue Center in Louisiana. They were moving and did not want to take Vanessa along with them. When they brought the young dog to Villalobos, she was kept in the back of a hot box truck. Such situations can quickly prove deadly. Luckily, Villalobos was able to take the pit bull in and give her a safe space where she could receive lots of love. Vanessa is a friendly girl who was crate-trained and well-behaved.

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5. Devastating Wildfires Ravage Greek Countryside, Leaving Countless Animals in Peril

In the wake of devastating wildfires, the once-vibrant Greek countryside is now marred by the charred remains of dogs, cats, rabbits, and tortoises. These infernos have claimed the lives of countless animals, leaving rescuers racing against time to save any surviving wildlife, pets, and livestock fleeing from the flames. The scale of destruction is heart-wrenching, with at least 7,400 acres of forest destroyed across three islands and the mainland. The images of blackened baby owls in cardboard boxes and other innocent creatures struggling for survival serve as a stark reminder of the urgent need for help. As the flames continue to spread, rescue organizations are overwhelmed, and the animal kingdom faces an unprecedented crisis.

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6. Disturbing Animal Cruelty Incident at Oklahoma Pet Store Sparks Outrage

A pet store in Oklahoma City recently fell victim to a shocking act of animal cruelty, leaving the local community in dismay. The incident involved the killing of several innocent animals, including a rabbit, parakeet, and hamster. The Oklahoma City Police Department is actively seeking the suspects responsible for this heinous act and is urging the public to come forward with any information that may help bring justice to the innocent creatures and closure to the affected pet store.

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7. Alicia Silverstone’s Eco-Friendly Hollywood Hills Hideaway

Actress and activist, Alicia Silverstone, has spent the past 27 years perfecting her eco-friendly home nestled in the Hollywood Hills. What started as a modest house on a winding canyon road has transformed into a sustainable oasis that reflects her deep connection with nature and her commitment to living in harmony with the environment. Her interview with PEOPLE magazine tells all.

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8. Biden’s New Mental Health Rule Proposes Equal Insurance Coverage

President Joe Biden has taken an assertive step towards guaranteeing access to mental health care for all. He recently announced a proposed rule to ensure that mental health benefits provided by private insurance plans align with physical health benefits.

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9. South Florida’s Oceans are the Same Temp as a Hot Tub Due to Climate change

In an alarming development, the waters off South Florida skyrocketed to a potentially record-breaking 101.1 degrees on a recent Monday evening. To put it in perspective, this is akin to the ideal temperature of a hot tub, as per

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10. Japan Is Finding Radioactive Fish In Fukushima Water They’re About To Release

A black rockfish caught in May near the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant contained radioactive cesium levels alarmingly surpassing Japan’s safety regulations. This discovery has increased apprehension about Japan’s impending release of treated water from the Fukushima site.

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Wake Up Climate Change Is Real by Tiny Rescue: Climate Collection

Wake Up Climate Change Is Real by Tiny Rescue: Climate Collection

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