February 26, 2024

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Dog rescued near Fort St. James highway recuperating in Prince George animal shelter

A two-year-old puppy rescued by a passerby from Highway 16 near Fort St. James is now recuperating at a Prince George shelter.

The pit bull terrier mix, named Honey, was seriously injured and found laying on the side of the highway, unable to move, said BC SPCA in a statement.

Thankfully, her cries for help were heard by a good Samaritan who stopped their car to investigate and brought her to the animal shelter in Prince George.

The person stopped as they thought a wild animal was injured. “They couldn’t imagine it was a dog because on this stretch of the highway there are no houses for more than 50 kilometres,” said Kristen Sumner, manager of the BC SPCA’s North Cariboo animal centre.

“When they found her, it was obvious she had serious injuries when they realized she could not move. She had wounds all over her legs and head.”

After arriving at the animal centre, Honey was immediately taken to a veterinary hospital for examination and treatment.

“It turned out that poor Honey had a dislocated shoulder and her right leg had such severe nerve damage it would require amputation surgery,” said Sumner.

The wounds on Honey’s face, neck and torso were also infected. She was given pain medication and her wounds were cleaned and treated. Honey’s shoulder joint was put back in place and she would have to wear a splint for two weeks and be on strict kennel rest. She was also scheduled for surgery.

“Despite all of her injuries, Honey is one of the friendliest dogs we have ever had in our care,” said Sumner. “She loves people and adores other dogs.” Sumner said that Honey loves to watch her foster family’s pup play around even though she cannot move because of her injuries. “The pup sits on the floor beside Honey providing her with lots of love and nuzzles.”

Sumner adds that Honey has a long road ahead before she makes a full recovery. “We have to carry her outside for her bathroom breaks because of her injuries.” But everyone recognizes that Honey is a fighter. “She is trying so hard to be independent, we have to keep a close eye on her to make sure she doesn’t overexert herself while she is healing. Honey is full of love and gratitude.”

Honey is expected to be available for adoption on February 14, Valentine’s Day.

On the occasion of Betty White’s birthday on Jan. 17, BC SPCA is also asking people to make a gift to help animals like Honey in her memory.

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