January 22, 2022

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Hijab Trend Continues to Grow


Currently there is a new phenomenon in the fashion world, such as the trend of Muslim fashion which is currently busy in the fashion world, especially in Indonesia, Muslim fashion is currently popular.

Fashion is a kind of “macro” dress code that sets lifestyle standards according to age, gender, social class and so on In recent years the development of Muslim fashion trends in Indonesia has increased significantly. The latest style or the latest style that is being talked about is called a trend.

The phenomenon of the development of Muslim fashion is an interesting social transformation, a shift in Muslim tastes and styles in clothing began to become part of the fashion industry since the late 1990s with the “semiotic wealth” of Muslim fashion in how, patterns, accessories and Muslim styles (ah) ) get dressed. All women certainly want to look beautiful, so most women are competing to be able to look beautiful, including women with hijab.

When the hijab first entered Indonesia, hijab models were just ordinary-shaped hijabs, but along with the development of the fashion world, Indonesia also currently has very diverse hijab forms that make hijab women not inferior to competitors’ fashion. Even though in the past, women who wore the hijab were said to be old-fashioned and out of date, but now the Muslim fashion world can change women’s views about wearing the hijab which is no longer old-fashioned and out of date.

The development of the fashion world is growing rapidly with various types and models, including the hijab and the styles in using it. In the past, the hijab in Indonesia was very simple, only a piece of cloth to cover the head, then there was an instant hijab, then the hijab in Indonesia has developed, namely the rectangular hijab, and there is also a pashmina hijab trend in Indonesia. Hijab is now widely used for all circles, be it children, teenagers, or adults. The development of style in the use of hijab models from year to year has changed the shape of the model. Moreover, in the current era, many public figures, celebrities, or influencers use the hijab and then upload it on social media, there is a trend among hijab users.

The current hijab trend is attracting the attention of many people, especially hijab users, hijab users follow this hijab development trend by using social media or the internet, especially now in the digital era where if there is a new trend emerges, such as a public figure wearing the hijab with the latest trend. then many people who know it then imitate it.

The trend of the hijab model is currently experiencing changes, which initially the hijab was worn perfunctory like a piece of cloth to cover the head which then underwent changes, because basically the notion of hijab can be interpreted as clothing that is used to cover a person’s genitals, especially Muslims, along with the development of the times. Unisma There are hijab models that are used as Muslim fashion trends today, such as instant hijab, rectangle and pashmina.

Instant hijab itself is a type of hijab that is very practical to use. As the name implies, this hijab can be used directly on the head without having to change the model and does not require needles or pins to install it. In contrast to the rectangular hijab, Muslim youth in Indonesia say that the rectangular hijab makes them look neat and beautiful even though the hijab is simple. It doesn’t take long to use this hijab, for example, just by tying it back or draping it over the shoulders and wearing a safety pin under the chin, they already look neat and fashionable with a contemporary style

Pashmina hijab is not inferior to rectangular hijab because this hijab is rectangular in shape with various choices of fabrics making the appearance more different, not only that pashmina hijab has a lot of creations in its use, and pashmina hijab can be used as a contemporary outfit that is combined with clothes which they use.

The trend of hijab in Indonesia changes from year to year, such as changes in cloth and some models, because this fashion is like a spinning wheel, it will rotate from year to year. Along with the times, which used to only use makeshift fabrics but now they are growing even now hijab is becoming a very popular fashion, because using hijab also gives freedom in its use to combine clothes and hijab according to their wishes, although it is still often questioned. the accuracy of the syar’i but also on the other hand this is a good idea to inspire Muslim women to wear the hijab and all return to its use