September 24, 2023

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‘Houdini dog’ adopted after trashing shelter, freeing pals

This next act is called the Vanishing Dogs.

A “rebellious” Fido who freed his friends and tore apart an animal shelter lobby found a forever home less than 24 hours after the debacle.

Titan, a 4-year-old husky, was caught on CCTV footage causing $2,000 worth of damage to the Colbert County Animal Shelter in Tuscumbia, Alabama.

But shelter director Charles Speegle was none the wiser as the pooch partied on after closing. It wasn’t until he came to work Tuesday morning, when he saw Titan peeking through the windows at the front desk, that he realized something was amiss.

“I got there about 7:15 a.m. I went to unlock the door and he was sitting in front of the door in the lobby looking at me,” Speegle, from Muscle Shoals, Alabama, told Kennedy News.

The 46-year-old couldn’t figure out how the escape artist pulled off the impressive feat — the doors, he said, aren’t “easy” to open, and the lobby door opens with a lever.

Titan in the crate
Titan, hailed as a Houdini dog, left staff members baffled at how he escaped and destroyed the shelter’s lobby.
Kennedy News & Media

“How did this guy do all that?” Speegle asked himself.

Then, he spotted the carnage.

“I thought, ‘Oh gosh,’” Speegle continued. “He’d destroyed my lobby. The blinds were ripped down, he’d destroyed the computer, paperwork, files, the whole interior was shredded.”

CCTV footage showed the pup parading on the front desk, knocking the desktop computer to the floor. Titan, who had just arrived before closing the night prior, also unleashed his two pals.

Titan the husky on desk knocking computer to floor.
CCTV footage shows the clever canine knocking the expensive desktop to the ground, damaging it.
Kennedy News & Media

Titan on desk
The escape artist also freed two of his pals who threw a “party” in the back room.
Kennedy News & Media

While dogs can “sometimes” sneak out of their crates, the clever canines “never” open the lobby door — until Titan.

“He’d let two of his buddies out, too, and they threw a party in the back as well, but it wasn’t as bad back there,” Speegle said. “I don’t know how he did it.”

Funny enough, Speegle admitted the alarm company had phoned him Monday evening claiming movement was spotted at the shelter. Even with a visit from law enforcement, officers claimed to not see anything suspicious.

Titan sitting in mess in lobby
When Speegle arrived the next morning, he spotted Titan peering through the front windows amid the wreckage.
Kennedy News & Media

Wreckage of Titan's rampage shown through window, includes torn papers and things everywhere
Supplies were damaged and shredded and the shelter’s desktop computer was a goner.
Kennedy News & Media

“They called again because it was going off again and I said, ‘It’s probably a mouse,’ so I went to bed and little did I know that they were throwing a party,” he said.

While clean-up required five staff members and a fund-raiser to replace the damaged equipment, their liberated antics caught the attention of husky-lovers when the footage was posted online.

On GoFundMe, generous donations total more than $3,000 — $1,000 more than their goal.

Mess left by Titan around the front desk
It took five staffers to clean up the mess.
Kennedy News & Media

Mess from Titan's rampage with supplies everywhere knocked off the desk
Huskies, Speegle said, are “hard to contain.”
Kennedy News & Media

“I imagine the reason the owner surrendered him is because he’s kind of rebellious and rambunctious,” Speegle said. “Huskies are very clever and hard to contain.”

Rather than deter potential families for troublesome Titan, it garnered some laughs and an onslaught of adoption requests. The Houdini hound went home the day after his rager was discovered, with a family who already owned an identical husky.

“We would have had to barricade him in that night if he wasn’t adopted,” Speegle quipped.

Titan in the grass
On Wednesday, Titan was adopted by a family who already has a near-identical husky.
Kennedy News & Media

Charles Speegle in uniform
When Speegle arrived to work on Wednesday morning, he was met with Titan’s aftermath.
Kennedy News & Media

But just days after his miracle adoption, during his first trip to the vet, he was diagnosed with heartworm.

Christopher Davis, Titan’s new owner, said he “instantly fell in love with the doggy in the window,” according to the “Titan the Destroyer” GoFundMe campaign to raise money for his treatment.

“Who would think such a cute and fluffy little animal could cause so much havoc/chaos,” Davis wrote on the fund-raising page, saying he wanted to give Titan “a great new lease on life.”

Two cream colored huskies
After Titan was adopted by his family this week, he was diagnosed with heartworm.
Kennedy News & Media

Pleading for generous donations, kind words or just some good vibes, Davis said he hopes the heartworms haven’t inflicted too much damage on the poor pup.

While Titan allegedly “can’t read” the donors’ well wishes — a fact his human is “not sure” about, given the daring dog’s demonstrated intelligence — Davis promised to “give him good scratches and butt rubs in exchange.”