January 23, 2022

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How many dog beds should a dog have

A dog bed is one of the best investments you can make, and not just for your pup’s physical health. Dogs need to sleep, just like humans. They also need to be able to get up and move around at will during the night without worrying about disrupting their sleeping companions.

So, how many beds should your dog have? Well, according to a recent survey, almost 65% of people believe that one bed is enough for the dog. Technically, one bed is enough as we need just one bed, so why would your canine need more? Let’s discuss.

Why should dogs have more than one bed?

Cuddling up in a place of comfort is one of the many things that make our lives easier. A bed is a perfect place to do just that and even get some cuddle time with anyone you want. On the other hand, dogs took a different path from us humans and developed a unique need to sleep on something. Also, dogs are social, and they keep following you around the house as they crave your attention. To keep your couches and chair hair-free, you need to put your furry friend in a spot where they can lay down and sleep without disturbing anyone. Besides that, you don’t want your four-legged family member sleeping on the floor. It seems natural, but they develop this habit with time, and it becomes their norm. Because of that, they can even develop arthritis with age because of sitting on hard surfaces. So. you better place a different type of dog bed or cushions to make them nap/sleep in the comfort of their personal space.

How much space do dogs need?

If you have a younger dog (about a year old), it is advised to buy just one dog bed wholesale for them, but if your pet is older and has some problems with bones and joints, you should buy them more than one dog bed. Bigger breeds usually have different sizes available, so you better check what size is better for your canine.

How many dog beds should I have?

It would help to consider several factors to consider the need for dog beds. Like in how many rooms your family spends a lot of time in. After considering this, you can easily guess how many dog beds you need in your home. For example, you can place one in the living room, near the kitchen door and bedroom.  When your pooch has a comfortable space to sit in, their joints will also stay healthy. This way, they will move and walk without any problems.  To make them stay active at home, you can buy more than one dog bed so they can keep moving around, and it will maintain their body flexibility even if they are old.

Summing Up

And that’s how many dog beds should I have? You need to consider the following factors:

  • Larger dogs must have more than one dog bed or cushions to sit on.
  • Younger pups need one dog bed, but older and bigger breeds should have more than one because their bones are different and require different sizes.
  • The size of your home will also determine the number of beds you need in your house.

After deciding how many beds you need for your little one, you can explore the different options here.