October 4, 2023

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How To Keep Clean Dog Paws

Try to walk barefoot all day long, even indoors. At the end of the day, you find yourself with the sole of the foot all dirty. And it’s no different with dogs.

Therefore, it is essential that the owner does an instant to clean the dog’s paw, especially after any physical activity outside such as hiking.

Walking with your dog is regularly important so he can do some physical exercise. It is important to remember that you need to clean your pet’s paws when you get home, not only to avoid the dirty floor, but also to protect your health, since many diseases can be contracted by contact with the dirt legs and other debris found in the streets.

Clean your dog’s paws habit is useful because it helps in observing possible cuts, after all, your dog is prone to step on glass, nails, thorns and various sharp objects. If you are not careful, the dog may lick the wound and the infection will be even worse. Look for dog accessories at PETSEXPERT.co.uk to keep them clean and healthy.

Tip to teach dog how to clean their paws

Tap on your dog’s paws when you’re playing or caressing, so your pet gets used to the touch even when you’re not running the daily care. This should be easy to do with the puppies, but the older dogs, who are not accustomed to having their paws touched. Gently working to convince the uncomfortable dog that what you are doing with your legs can be a time to create a bond between you.

How to clean dog paws

To properly disinfect your dog’s paws, just use a damp cloth on each foot. After cleaning all the legs without leaving any dirt, including the spaces between the fingers, make sure that they are completely dry, because moisture contributes to the proliferation of bacteria and fungi. Also be careful not to overdo it and do not irritate your dog’s skin. So do not wash too much or put your paws in direct contact with the water stream.


Use and abuse of wipes may be the same as for children. Just rub your dog’s paws well to remove much of the dirt.

Be aware of small cuts. Apply anti-bacterial cream. If it’s a deep cut, find a vet.

In some cases, the dog may be intensified into something sticky like a gum. To remove, use a little ice before softening, and then try to remove with a moist handkerchief.

For dogs that have more hairs on their legs, there is a chance to recover it full of burrs. To remove them, in some extreme cases, the use of scissors is recommended.

Do not forget to clean all four legs, especially in the bathroom. Rub well with soap and accustom your dog to receive a massage between the toes like a puppy.