April 16, 2024

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How To Unlock Animal Companions In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley plays host to a wide variety of critters, many of which can be fed, petted, and even recruited to accompany you on your travels. Interacting with such critters can also earn you more Dreamlight, which can be used to unlock biomes, castle realms and items in Scrooge’s shop.


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Once you’ve fed a critter you will begin the process of enabling it to be selectable as a companion, alongside Pua who comes from a quest, and several other companions from events. While companions provide no tangible benefits, they will follow you around and look adorable.

Updated January 3, 2024, by Zoë J. Osik: Having an animal companion is crucial to living out the life of a Disney character, and we’ve updated this guide to include more tips on how to befriend the Disney Dreamlight Valley companions in both the base game and A Rift In Time. You’ll also find helpful links to other ways you can bond with your companions in the village.

How To Approach A Critter

When you see a critter, it will respond in one of four ways and how it acts will depend on when you can feed it. Here’s what to look for and how to respond.

Red/Green Light

Critters with this behaviour will have a ‘danger’ position and a ‘safe’ position. You need to approach them slowly when it is safe.

Crocodiles are safe to approach
when their
heads are down
, but stop when they are up.
Feed them
once they are
led down

when they
sit down,
stop when they are standing.
Feed them
once they
visibly relax.

Cobras are easy to scare
, so wait for them to
lower their heads
before approaching. They will lay down when you can feed them.


These critters like you to chase them once you’ve spotted them. Run after them until they stop again.

Foxes and Rabbits
both like to play tag. You’ll have to
do the same with the monkeys
over on Eternity Isle.


These critter types will scope you out before they’ll let you feed them.

circle your head
. Allow them to finish flying around.
Sea Turtles
stay in their shells
. Sit close by and wait for them to appear.

No Games

Some critters have no time for games and will allow you to simply approach and feed them straight away. These are the easiest critters to befriend and ensure you have the opportunity to unlock new Disney Dreamlight Valley companions without having to play any games with them.

expect food immediately
so be ready with something for them in your inventory!

five types of Sunbird
will also
take food from you on sight

Capybaras will walk right up to you
for food.

How To Feed A CritterA Fox enjoying a fish in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To feed a critter simply approach one slowly (after following the responses above) and interact with it by pressing A on Xbox or Switch, X on PlayStation, or E/Left Click on PC.

By interacting with an animal, you will have the option to feed itone of the food items in yourInventory. Every animal variant has its own favourite type of food, though you do not need to know it in order to recruit it to your Companions.

All animals can be
fed any available food,
but there are
benefits to choosing their favourites.

If you spot a Purple Friendship Star when handing over a food item, then you can rest assured that you’ve discovered their favourite food. By successfully handing it over you will complete additional Dreamlight Duties, which will, in turn, net you more Dreamlight to spend around the Valley.


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Each Critter’s Favourite Foods

Squirrel jumping for joy at an apple in Disney Dreamlight Valley

All critter types have favourite foods and liked foods. These don’t change between colour variants, except in the case of Sunbirds. Here’s what to look for:


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How To Recruit A Critter As A Companion

Dreamlight VAlley Sea Turtle waiting for food

If you’d like to recruit a critter to keep you company while carrying out your Dreamlight Duties, then you will need to feed it two to three times.

As you can only feed each type of animal once per day, you will need to revisit your chosen friend a second time after a period of 24 real life hours has passed.

If you try and feed the
same type of animal
a second time in the same day,
the food will simply vanish.

You must feed each critter again to increase your friendship until you can add it as a companion. Critters also have a chance to drop items if fed their favourite foods.

How To Check If A Critter Is Now A Companion

Dreamlight Valley Critter menu with companions highlighted

To see if a critter has become a companion yet go to Main Menu > Collection > Critters. All the critters in game are shown here and as you recruit them they will be highlighted on this menu.

You can also
click any companion
in this menu to find out
which biome
it is located in, as well as
if it is around
on the current day. Remember that
your game will always sync with your device clock.

Some variants will not appear in the collection, but they will appear in the companions section of your inventory. This is usually for
special companions that are limited-time rewards

How To Equip And Switch Companions

Dreamlight Valley companion selected

To access the companion menu go to Inventory > Wardrobe > Companions. Here you will see any companions you have from quests or events, alongside any recruited critters.

All you need to do to equip them is simply select them by clicking the picture. Now you can exit the menu and your new companion will follow you around.

To switch, go back to the same menu and select a different option or click the companion again to deselect it.

Your companion will stay with you all throughout Dreamlight Valley, until they are dismissed. If you enter the main castle your companion will vanish until you return to the valley.

Companions are
not summonable in other realms.

How To Place Companions In Your Village

Multiple companions and the avatar Disney Dreamlight Valley

You can craft the Cozy Companion Home to place more of your Disney Dreamlight Valley companions around your village. This lets you select up to four animals per home, letting them walk freely around the village near their new dwelling.

You can place as many Cozy Companion Homes as you’d like!

This allows you to not only see them, but pet them as well. You can place toys in the village for them to play with as well, creating a homey atmosphere. Getting to bond with your animal companion in Dreamlight Valley makes the game much more cozy and engaging. You can even take photos together!


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