April 16, 2024

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Let the Fur Fly in Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl Collection

You might already have an allegiance to the Chiefs or the 49ers, but the biggest question is still on the field: Team Ruff or Team Fluff? 

Those are the two teams battling for glory — and treats — at this year’s Puppy Bowl. And, for the first time, there’s official Puppy Bowl merch to solidify your support. Puppy Bowl 2024 showcases some incredible canine talent: There are 131 puppy players from 73 shelters and rescue groups.

Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl Collection, launched by Warner Bros., includes hoodies, T-shirts, pet bowls, dog apparel, and more. There are even shirts showcasing your favorite superhero and sidekick duo, Superman and Krypto. 

Cheer on your team in matching Puppy Bowl outfits. | Source: WB Shop

Warner Bros. also partnered with Best Friends Animal Society to help animals find a home and avoid the killing of cats and dogs in animal shelters. Warner Bros. Discovery will match donations to cover adoption fees at Best Friends Pet Lifesaving Centers from Feb. 7-14. Also, 150 shelters and rescue groups nationwide will waive their adoption fees in celebration of Puppy Bowl. 

The upcoming Super Bowl Sunday marks 20 years of the Puppy Bowl, and sporting some items from this collection is a great way to celebrate. 

The exclusive Krypto & Superman x Best Friends Hoodie ($67.95) and T-shirt ($34.95) features the two characters on the front of the apparel and with “Not All Heroes Wear Capes” and the Best Friends Animal Society logo on the back. 

A training duo with puppy power, showing their talents in official Puppy Bowl gear! | Source: WB Shop

The Puppy Bowl Trainer Hoodie ($54.95) and Training Dog Shirt ($29.95) will let your friends and family know that you mean business. The gray pieces match so your training duo will look like a real team. 

The Puppy Bowl Good Pup Motivators Treat Jar ($45.95), M.V.P. Dog Shirt ($29.95), Puppy Bowl Pet Bowl ($48.95), and Team Fluff and Team Ruff Collars ($16.95-17.95) will really get you into the game-day spirit. The pet bowls come in each team’s color, while the collars feature both teams’ names and colors. You can also dress your pup in a Puppy Bowl bandana ($18.95-22.95), according to their team. 

Cheer on your favorite team! | Source: WB Shop

You can’t forget your own Puppy Bowl team attire! The Puppy Bowl Team Fluff Cheer Squad T-shirt ($24.95) and Team Ruff T-shirt ($35.95) will match your pup’s Cheer Squad Dog Shirt ($29.95), so they know you’re in for the long run. 

No matter which Puppy Bowl team you support, having a furry friend that you love makes you a winner! 


Support Team Fluff (orange) or Team Ruff (blue) this Super Bowl season with Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl Collection. It includes pet apparel like bandanas, collars, and shirts, as well as matching hoodies and T-shirts for canine owners. There are also Team Ruff and Team fluff pet bowls and Puppy Bowl-inspired treat bins.