February 26, 2024

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Loyal Senior Dog Found Guarding Body of Owner For Days Now Waits In Shelter

An Illinois animal shelter is imploring dog lovers to come and visit one of their newest members, Ajax, who was discovered loyally standing next to the body of his late owner, who had sadly passed away days before.

Ajax the Plott hound mix lived the perfect life for almost 10 years with his previous owner, but in November that happiness came to a tragic end, leaving the loving pup completely alone. Ajax was discovered by the side of his owner’s body after he’d passed away, before being taken to The Anti-Cruelty Society (ACS) on November 20.

His story has broken the hearts of staff at the ACS, including that of Vice President, Lydia Krupinski. Since Ajax was brought in, she said that he hasn’t shown any interest in the other dogs and doesn’t eat much, and Krupinski thinks there’s only one thing on his mind.

“He will stand and wait by the doors, so we think he may be hoping that his owner will enter,” she told Newsweek.

Ajax the rescue dog
Ajax is pictured at the ACS shelter in Chicago after being surrendered in November. He was discovered by the body of his late owner, who had passed away days before.
The Anti-Cruelty Society

“Ajax has stolen everyone’s hearts and we’re all rooting for him and his next adopter. When he arrived at ACS, we scanned his microchip and discovered that he was actually adopted from us as a puppy. But now he’s back here again,” she said.

The Chicago shelter is imploring people to consider adopting the 9-year-old dog to give him a loving home to see out his twilight years. Of the 3.1 million dogs that enter animal shelters across the U.S. each year, according to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), around 2 million will eventually get adopted. Sadly, there are still many more who are kept waiting, and with so many overcrowded shelters, the ASPCA estimates that around 390,000 dogs have to be euthanized every year.

The ACS hopes that Ajax will be one of the lucky ones who finds a forever home to start a new chapter, but sadly he has yet to receive any adoption offers.

“So far, Ajax hasn’t shown much interest in the other dogs,” Krupinski told Newsweek. “We don’t think he is looking for a play buddy, but we believe he could do fine with another older dog, with a proper introduction, of course.

“He sadly has not received a single adoption form. We are hoping that sharing his story will help guide a kind-hearted human into Ajax’s life so he can spend his golden years surrounded by love.”

On December 7, the ACS shared a video on their Facebook page detailing Ajax’s story in the hopes that it would help find him his perfect owner. The post went viral, with more than 29,000 views and over 2,500 reactions in a matter of days, but Ajax is still waiting for someone to walk through the doors.

Throughout the month of December, the shelter has waived Ajax’s adoption fee as part of their Home for the Howlidays campaign, which aims to get as many dogs adopted before Christmas as possible.

According to Krupinski, Ajax would do best in a quiet home where he can enjoy lots of company and comforts. As much as he loves going out for a daily walk, snoozing on the couch is definitely his favorite pastime.

Ajax in the shelter
Left, Ajax gets to meet Santa Claus at the ACS shelter in Chicago. Right, the 9-year-old Plott hound is seen at the shelter. The ACS hopes that a new owner will come forward before Christmas, to provide Ajax with the love he deserves.
The Anti-Cruelty Society

“He is a big snuggler, so we hope you don’t mind losing your personal space,” she joked.

The viral Facebook post has received more than 200 comments so far, with countless people hoping that Ajax will not be at the shelter much longer and a new owner will come for him soon. One comment reads: “Good luck Ajax, beautiful boy. Hope you find someone to love and care for you in your golden years.”

Another person wrote: “I pray Ajax gets a forever home before Christmas.”

Many people were left devastated by the story, with one Facebook user responding: “This breaks my heart.”

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