September 24, 2023

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Maricopa County animal shelter looking for foster homes for 119 dogs

PHOENIX — Maricopa County Animal Care and Control is challenging the community to step up and foster shelter dogs amid the scorching heat.

With temperatures reaching a blistering 119ª so far this summer, MCACC wants 119 dogs to get into foster homes by August 1.

They’re hoping the foster homes will be able to care for the dogs until they find their forever homes, or at least until temperatures dip back down into the double digits.

By having a shelter dog stay in your home, you give them a much-needed break from the heat and the stress of the kennels, and a chance to get used to other animals, kids, activities, and more.

It also frees up space in the kennels which are often overcrowded.

MCACC says it commonly needs fosters for larger dogs (over 30 pounds), but there are other opportunities as well, including puppies, kittens, nursing mothers, and pets who may need some medical recovery time.

If you can’t commit to fostering long-term, you can also take a dog out for an outing (day fostering), like out for a hike, out to lunch, or a playdate at home.

If you’re interested in fostering an MCACC animal, click here.

Their volunteer handbook also has tips on beginning the process of fostering:

Preparing for a Foster

Before agreeing to open your house and heart to a foster, ensure your family and your home are ready for the additional commitment. The following items will help you prepare for your foster animal(s).

Pet-Proof Your Home

New animals are very curious and often we don’t know how they’ll react in a home environment until the actual experience. Set them up for success by limiting access to items like house plants, shoes, loose wires, and open trash cans. Be sure you have a safe and secure way to quarantine the foster animal from your own pets and repair any fencing gaps proactively to prevent escape. MCACC is not responsible for any property damage caused by foster animals while in your home.

Check with Your Veterinarian

To best ensure safety for all animals, your personal pets must be current on their vaccinations before bringing a shelter animal into your home. Your veterinarian is the best resource for preparing your pets. Foster animals may or may not be surgically sterilized when they enter your home. Unaltered foster animals may not be placed into a home with other unaltered animals.

Prepare your Household

Fostering is a big commitment, and it can be disruptive to daily activities and schedules. Make sure you have the support of all individuals living in your home prior to fostering. For everyone’s safety, share any important restrictions or protocols with the entire household. If you rent, inform and receive consent from your landlord before committing to fostering.

Learn About Pet Care

Ask lots of questions about feeding, grooming safely, and activity needs for the animal you will be taking. Inform yourself of symptoms that indicate the pet may need veterinary attention and familiarize yourself with the location of your nearest emergency veterinarian. When you select the type of animals you’d like to help through foster, please be aware that after-hour medical emergency fees are the sole responsibility of the foster.

Determine Your Financial Commitment

Although MCACC provides the required food for your foster, you’ll likely want to provide additional supplies. Our Clinic team provides mandated and some discretionary medical care, but if an emergency arises when our Clinic is not open, you must be prepared to take your foster pet to a veterinarian at your own expense.

Recognize Your Limits

Fostering a shelter pet requires a great deal of time and can be both emotionally and physically taxing. Some animals require more care than others and may be less adaptable to your situation. Determine your availability and limitations and stay true to those. Any help is greatly appreciated, but we also want this to be as rewarding an experience as possible for all fosters so that you can continue your support.