March 5, 2024

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Ongoing investigation puts massive strain on PACC

TUCSON, Ariz. (13 News) -The Pima Animal Care Center is facing an overflow problem after an investigation sent 37 dogs and two cats to the shelter.

The intake comes as PACC is already housing more than 500 dogs, exceeding the shelter’s capacity.

PACC Director Monica Dangler said that during this time of year the shelter typically has fewer than 400 dogs in their care. This year they have exceeded that number. Their goal right now is to have between 400 to 450 dogs.

“So to have the space to bring in these additional dogs really puts a lot of strain on us. In addition to you know when it’s an investigation like this, we have to do extra additional things with them like medical workouts and things like that for the case,” Dangler said.

And with this recent intake, numerous dogs are facing euthanasia. The shelter does not want to see this happen but unless space clears up in the coming days it is a high probability.

“We don’t want to euthanize any dogs. We’re really working hard at how we can get these dogs out without deadlining them,” Dangler said. “But depending on what our kennel situation looks like first of the week, yeah, it’s a high probability that we have to deadline some of the dogs off of the euthanasia list so that we have enough space.”

The shelter said the 37 dogs will need to stay at PACC for the duration of the investigation. The dogs will be housed in individual kennels until their physical and mental well-being can be assessed.

This is space the shelter does not have, especially when most of their dogs are already housed two to a kennel.

“We need to make space for 37 dogs from kennels we currently don’t have. About 50% of our dogs are co-housed so we need to empty 37 kennels, which is going to be about 60 to 75 dogs that need to leave the shelter in order to have space to keep these guys here and we’re anticipating these dogs will be here for a couple months,” Dangler said.

The shelter is asking the community to consider fostering to help it avoid having to euthanize dogs.

Kate Hutchinson, outreach manager at Pima Animal Care Center, has fostered pets for 10 years. She said the process is simple and rewarding.

“For fostering here at PACC, we provide all the supplies. Basically, we just need a home and some love,” Hutchinson said. “So basically, if anybody can foster, it’s a really great, rewarding program because you get to take a dog out of the shelter and really get to see it blossom and open up in a home.”

Hutchinson also said the process helps the center to learn about the dogs’ behavior which helps the shelter in getting them adopted out.

“We get those great home notes. So even if you can’t find them a home or an adoptive home from your foster home. Those notes really help us get them out of the shelter long term as well.”

Those interested in fostering or adopting can visit PACC’s website at or visit the shelter at 4000 N. Silverbell Road during operating hours.