March 4, 2024

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Pearland animal shelter searching for foster homes for neglected dogs

The dogs were seized from a Pearland resident after police said some of the dogs were left outside in the heat without any water or shade.

“In my tenure of six years, this is certainly the most dogs that we have taken,” said John Fisher, the city’s animal services manager. “We’re not OK. There’s a lot of dogs and a lot of work to be done.”

Why do the dogs seized in Pearland need to be fostered? 

The Pearland Animal Shelter and Adoption Center, located at 8311 Freedom Drive, is seeking foster homes for the dogs and puppies.

Many of the dogs had to be doubled up into kennels due to overcrowding.

Who’s fostering the dogs? 

About 30 of the 85 dogs have been placed in temporary foster homes and boarding pending the outcome of a court ruling that would allow the dogs to be set up for adoption, said Fisher.

Jenni’s Rescue Ranch, Pearland Barkway and Best Friends Animal Society stepped in to foster a combined 21 of the animals on Tuesday, Aug. 29. 

Pearland Barkway, a local doggy daycare that provides boarding, offered a significantly discounted rate to board the pups, and Best Friends Animal Society donated $5,000 to cover the boarding costs, according to the city’s animal services Facebook page.

Jenni’s Rescue Ranch took in two mothers and a total of eight puppies at their Alvin location. The nonprofit rescue continues to search for people to foster to adopt the dogs. 

“They’re all doing fantastic,” said Rachel Swanburg, an adoption coordinator at Jenni’s Rescue Ranch. “The mamas are a little bit shy and reserved but due to the circumstances, I do think it will take them a while to warm up because we believe they were kept in cages most of the time, confined to very small spaces.” 

The puppies are four weeks old and will be ready to go to foster homes at 6 weeks after they receive their first round of vaccinations, she said. 

How can you help Pearland Animal Shelter and other organizations? 

The animal shelter and organizations currently housing the dogs are accepting foster applications. 

Here are the links:

City awaits court hearing with owner of the dogs seized in Pearland

Although a warrant was granted to seize the dogs, the city is awaiting a court hearing with the owner to confirm if the dogs can be kept. The judge will make a ruling after hearing the dogs’ owner make their case. The person will then have 10 days to decide whether to appeal. 

If the person chooses to appeal, there will be another court case and date set.

If the owner decides not to appeal, the dogs will become part of the shelter, allowing the shelter to set the dogs up for adoption.

“I suspect within the next two weeks, that part will be wrapped up,” said Fisher.

The date of the hearing had not yet been set as of Friday.

Have the dogs been vaccinated, spayed or neutered? 

All the dogs have received a veterinary exam and given their vaccinations and microchips as they recover in air conditioning over the next couple weeks. 

The dogs will be spayed or neutered by the city if the judge rules for the city to keep the animals and there is no appeal by the owner.

Can I adopt the dogs and how much does it cost?

The City of Pearland Animal Services cannot put the dogs up for adoption until after the court hearing.

The animal shelter has no adoption fee. 

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