May 23, 2024

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Shelter Dog Goes Directly From Kennel to Couch After Winning Heart of Volunteer

Some lucky dogs don’t have to wait long in the shelter to find their forever home, but others are left waiting for quite a while. Big dogs, older dogs, and even black-colored dogs are often the longest-waiting residents at an animal shelter, and sadly, it was no different for one special dog named Butter.

This big dog had been waiting for nearly two years at the Benton-Franklin Humane Society in Kennewick, Washington, before he finally found his perfect match. He had even been adopted and returned twice, but his friends at the shelter were never going to give up on him. In fact, one friend in particular stepped up when he needed it the most. Thanks to her, Butter is now living his very best life in a home of his own!

Aww–this is the perfect happy ending for a very deserving dog. Sitting in the shelter for nearly two years cannot be easy, especially when he came so close to landing a forever home, not once but twice. Fortunately, many animal shelters like this one in Washington have many strategies for keeping their residents healthy, happy, and as occupied as possible.

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In fact, that’s how Butter met his new owner! His adopter ended up being one of the animal shelter volunteers whom he already knows and loves. That makes his transition to his forever home quite a bit easier, as does his owner’s dog adoption expertise. She’ll know what to expect, and she’ll give him plenty of time to adjust.

This heartwarming TikTok video was posted by @juliesaraceno2, who is one of the Kennewick animal shelter’s dog walkers. She saw Butter many times throughout his shelter stay, so it must feel so rewarding to watch him thrive in a home where he can roam, rest, and play.

Why Volunteer at a Shelter?

There are many ways to help animals in need, from donating to a nonprofit to adopting a pet of your own. But if you’d like to interact with the animals directly, you may consider volunteering at your local shelter or humane society. You may need to pass an age restriction and background check before you begin, but there’s a job for almost anybody at the shelter.

Many shelter volunteers begin with cleaning kennels and tending to residents’ everyday needs, like filling water bowls, but you can also inquire about dog walking, working at adoption events, or even taking the animals’ pictures for their online biographies.

Volunteering at an animal shelter is a rewarding way to give back to those who need it. It can also be a great way to interact with animals if you can’t have a pet of your own, or simply to brighten your–and the animals’–days. As Butter’s story proves, you just might meet your BFF while you’re there!

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