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Sweetpea dog death after Puppy Bowl has fans in their feelings

At the 2024 Puppy Bowl, Sweetpea, the tiniest puppy to ever play in the game, captured hearts from all around the country. But those hearts broke when they found out the little pup died after the game was recorded.

People are taking to social media to grieve over the tiny, 1.7-pound dog. Sweetpea, a Cavapoo born on July 1, died on the way to a checkup on Nov. 20 at just 4 months old because of a deformed kidney, and the internet is not taking it well.

An agonizing “No!” can be heard being screamed in @Possum.Luvr’s TikTok.

In the video they captioned “underdog in our hearts,” they posted, their friends are reacting to the card shown at the end of the game that announced Sweetpea’s death and the dedication of Puppy Bowl XX to her memory.

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“I followed sweet pea’s journey online and it was such a devastation for us all when she passed,” commented one user on the video.

“I can’t believe my day was worsened by the puppy bowl,” said another.

More reactions

“I’m beside myself,” said user @It_Neener, who believes Sweetpea was “snubbed” for MVP, in her video.

She shows viewers the same message @Possome.Luvr and their friends reacted to, then stares into the camera with a shocked face.

“And I’m just expected to go about my day? Like what?” she asks before the video ends.

@HeyStace posted a video captioned “Count your days Animal Planet…”

In it, she’s crying and a photo of Sweetpea sitting in a helmet is set as the background.

“I know damn well you didn’t make watch the Puppy Bowl, to watch and fall in love with SweetPea just to find out SHE DIED,” reads the text on the video.

Users in the comment section are calling the dog’s death “soul crushing.”

In a reply to a comment, Stace said she believes had Animal Planet said something at the beginning it would have been less of a shock.

“We may never feel joy again,” said @Zook_94 in his video reacting to the new superstar’s death.

He says he and his girlfriend wanted to “obsess” over the canine contestants and watch the Puppy Bowl to put their “Sunday on the right track” before meeting with friends to watch the Super Bowl.

Then, he questions the decisions made by the broadcast to even announce the death of the “most perfect dog that ever existed” at all.

“Why?” he asks. “For who? To what end?”

@Peanutbutter_Bish took to her art to express her grief.

In her video captioned “RIP SweetPea,” she posted a cartoon that encapsulates her sadness.

At the end, an animated girl sits and hugs a realistic Sweetpea while sobbing as “American Pie” by Don McLean plays.

Needless to say, Sweetpea’s death shocked viewers and broke the hearts of many.


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