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The List – Truth about Pet Food

Brief overview:

  • The 2023 List includes a total of 36 brands.
  • 25 companies offer cat foods (most make multiple styles):
    • 11 cooked;
    • 16 raw;
    • 10 dehydrated/freeze dried;
    • 2 dry;
    • 1 can.
  • 34 companies offer dog foods (most make multiple styles):
    • 19 cooked;
    • 16 raw;
    • 11 dehydrated/freeze dried;
    • 3 dry;
    • 1 can.
  • 34 companies sell in the US, some regionally – some all 50 US states.
  • 11 companies sell in Canada.
  • 7 companies sell outside of North America.
  • All companies provided verification to:
    • human grade food ingredients;
    • human grade supplements (if applicable);
    • organic ingredients (if applicable);
    • and meats sourced from humanely raised animals (if applicable).

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What is the 2023 List?

Each year since 2012, TruthaboutPetFood.com has published a ‘list’ of pet foods that consumer advocate Susan Thixton trusts to give her own pets. From digging into pet food regulations (and lack of regulation), to attending regulatory meetings year after year (representing consumers), to the many conversations I’ve had with pet food manufacturing employees (not the sales reps – the actual people making pet food) over the past fifteen years – I’ve become a VERY picky pet food consumer. The ‘List’ is my list of pet foods I buy for my own pets.

I will ONLY give my own pets a human grade ingredient pet food. (To learn more about the differences between human grade and feed grade pet foods, Click Here.) I don’t trust any company’s marketing claims; I’ve seen too many times pet food companies lie to pet owners in marketing – claiming to use quality food ingredients when later it was discovered inferior (and illegal) feed ingredients were used.

Just one example: In 2018 Gravy Train dog food made claims on their website of real beef” and “meaty goodness“. However in February 2018, more than 90 million pounds of Gravy Train (and other brands made by manufacturer Smuckers) were recalled because they contained pentobarbital – the drug used to euthanize animals. In other words, even though this dog food made claims of “real beef” and “meaty goodness“, euthanized animals were actually used to make the dog food.

Because of years of lessons learned about pet food, and sharing those lessons with pet owners (on the website) – the number one question I was asked was “what pet food do you give your own pets?” And that is how the List began.

I don’t make pet food recommendations, selecting (trusting) a pet food is a personal decision each pet owner must make for themselves. And I don’t endorse any pet food brand, I represent pet owners – NOT pet food manufacturers. The ‘List’ was/is a way I can support pet food advocacy work and share the homework I’ve done on brands I trust to give my own pets.

TruthaboutPetFood.com, AssociationforTruthinPetFood.com and Susan Thixton is 100% consumer supported, the ‘List’ supports our pet food consumer advocacy work.

How Are Pet Foods Selected for the List?
To be considered for the List, pet food companies must respond to our long list of questions. With responses, we then ask for verification of claims made. Such as, if a company claims to use human grade meats in their pet foods – they are required to send us verification of human grade meats. Even if a pet food was included in last year’s List, they are required to provide everything new again for this year’s List. New answers to my questions, new verification documents each year.

For the 2023 List I contacted 70 different pet food companies for consideration. Unfortunately, many companies simply ignored our emails (multiple attempts). A few companies responded to initial emails, but failed to respond to our questions.

No pet food company pays a fee to be considered for or included in the List. A few years ago, a pet food company gave a pet owner false information stating they were not included in the List because “we opted not to pay for our review.” Not true. Every company on the List voluntarily responds to questions and submits verification documents; no pet food company ever pays to be considered for the List. The website or myself personally NEVER accepts money from pet food manufacturers.

Why Are Some Companies Excluded?
If you know of a pet food – perhaps even a human grade pet food – that is not on this List, it could be as simple as I am not aware of the brand or the company didn’t respond to my emails. Another reason a brand might not be included in the List is information I have been provided by pet owners. I have been forwarded many emails over the years by pet owners of their correspondence with a pet food brand. I have read emails where a company gave the pet owner false information (such as about regulations), and emails where a pet food company insulted the pet owner. If I find a company treats a pet owner poorly or misleads or lies to a pet owner – that is not a brand I would trust to give my own pets.

No…I cannot share why any brand is not included in or was removed from the List.

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How expensive are these pet foods?

None of the pet foods on the 2023 List are inexpensive. BUT, most are not as expensive as you’d think.

Cat foods in the 2023 List range in price from:
$0.61 to $9.98 (veterinarian diet) to feed a 10 pound cat per day.

By comparison, Fancy Feast – a feed grade wet cat food, using feed grade ingredients, supplements, and manufacturing standards – costs:

$3.96 to feed a 10 pound cat per day.

Dog foods in the 2023 List range in price from:
$1.69 to $14.18 to feed a 30 pound dog per day.

By comparison, Hill’s Science Diet – a feed grade wet dog food, using feed grade ingredients, supplements, and manufacturing standards costs:

$11.08 to feed a 30 pound dog per day.

In other words, many of the human grade ingredient pet foods on the 2023 List are LESS EXPENSIVE than feed grade pet foods.

Do pet food companies pay a fee to be considered for the List?

Absolutely not. No pet food company pays to be on the List or to be considered for the List. I accept no money from any pet food manufacturer. They are accepted on The List based on their quality.

How much does the List cost?

Cost to purchase the List is variable, depending on the support you want/can afford to provide. Price varies from $10 to $100. No matter the price you purchase, the 2023 List is the same.

Why charge for the List?

TruthaboutPetFood.com and our sister website AssociationforTruthinPetFood.com (and myself personally) actively advocate for the rights of pet owners and we are 100% consumer supported. The List, Petsumer Report, and membership into our consumer association is our only income. We accept no money from pet food and no advertising. Simply put, we charge for the List to support the pet food advocacy work we do.

Wishing you and your pet(s) the best,

Susan Thixton
Pet Food Safety Advocate
Author Buyer Beware, Co-Author Dinner PAWsible
Association for Truth in Pet Food

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The 2023 List
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