September 23, 2023

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“This is not a threat, this is a promise”: Arrow Star Stephen Amell Threatened Dog Shelter Owner for Allegedly Disturbing His Peace Only to Be Humiliated in Court

Starring in CW’s Arrow as the DC superhero Oliver Queen, Stephen Amell has become quite popular among DC fans. The actor concluded his journey as the crime-fighting superhero with the eighth season of the show before he reprised his role to join Grant Gustin in the final season of The Flash. While fans were eager for his return, the actor was also in talks regarding something else.

Stephen Amell
Stephen Amell as Green Arrow

Amid his comeback in The Flash series, Amell filed a lawsuit against neighbors for managing an animal rescue in their house. However, his move did not go according to his expectations.

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Stephen Amell Filed a Lawsuit Against His Neighbours

Stephen Amell has had a history of having trouble with his neighbors. Earlier, he accused one of his neighbors of taking a shit on his rooftop. The 42-year-old actor once again got into trouble with his neighbors, and things escalated so much this time that he went on to file a lawsuit against them.

Stephen Amell
Green Arrow star Stephen Amell

The lawsuit was filed against his neighbors Kristen Stavola and Jeremy Gardiner, who run a non-profit animal rescue, Rescues Rock Inc., for animal adoption and foster care. However, Amell and his wife, Cassandra Jean Amell, have alleged that the animal rescue is being run out of their house.

The Arrow star also claimed that animal care practices unpermitted adoptions and called it super loud and stinky. The lawsuit filed by Amell and his wife also claimed that the shelter house is illegal, alleging that it’s being operated in residential areas only.

Stephen Amell and his wife, Cassandra Jean Amell
Stephen Amell with his wife, Cassandra Jean Amell

He claims that the constant yapping of animals in the shelter has made things extremely hard for him, his wife, and his children. And he has appealed for the shutdown of the facility in the lawsuit after failed personal approaches to the neighbors. However, the lawsuit has resulted in a cross-complaint filed by Rescues Rock Inc.

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The Neighbors’ Cross-Complaint Against Stephen Amell

The lawsuit Stephen Amell filed against his neighbors led them to file a cross-complaint against him and his wife, Cassandra Jean Amell. Attorney John S. Vishneski III addressed their lawsuit, along with a video message he sent to his neighbor and Executive Director of Rescues Rock, Kristen Stavola.

Arrow Stephen Amell Oliver Queen
A still from Arrow

Calling the Code 8 star and his wife “Hollywood B-listers,” the attorney claimed that their complaint was “utterly false” and also did not have any “support from any other neighbors surrounding the Rescues Rock’s property.”

He also stated that instead of moving ahead with the “administrative process in the Los Angeles municipal code for dog noise complaints,” the couple chose to file a lawsuit and sent a “threatening” video message. Vishneski claimed that Amell seems threatening in the video, as he says, “This is not a threat, this is my promise and guarantee that we are about to unleash law enforcement.”

Stephen Amell
Actor Stephen Amell

He also questioned why they are so eager to shut down a facility providing shelter to the homeless and sick dogs and cats. According to Page Six, the court allowed the animal rescue facility to continue functioning for now. While the case would reportedly continue and go to trial, reports claim that Amell was not pleased with the judgment and even started yelling after the ruling came against him.

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Source: Cinemablend