April 16, 2024

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Threat at animal shelter involved angry visitor – The Morning Sun

Representatives from the Humane Animal Treatment Society in Isabella County are praising a Labrador Retriever rescue that quickly found a foster home for a dog that was surrendered Tuesday amid a tense and threatening situation.

While state police described a scene at the shelter involving a baby stroller with lights and a battery attached that was called in as a suspicious object, Humane Animal Treatment Society representatives said on social media Thursday that there may have been such an incident somewhere locally Tuesday, but what actually brought police to the Isabella County Animal Shelter was a man who became irate during the surrender of a malnourished, skeletal Labrador Retriever.

One of two people who were reluctantly surrendering the dog became angry, threatening physical harm to HATS staff, according to a post on the organization’s Facebook page.

“Despite our attempts to calm the situation, it continued to escalate,” the post read. “Items were thrown at our building, a plethora of serious threats were made, and police were called when the individual lunged at our director while yelling physical threats and profanity.”

Police captured the man as he tried to flee into the woods near the shelter, located at 1105 S. Isabella Road in Union Township, according to HATS representatives.

Tuesday’s incident was not the first time HATS has dealt with abusive behavior.

“It is an unfortunate reality that our staff has to frequently endure hostile treatment from customers, and (Tuesday) is just one example of the type of mistreatment we have sadly come to expect these days,” the post read. “We chose to share this story not only to clarify misinformation floating around online, but to also shed some light on the unacceptable behavior that can make our jobs incredibly difficult, and downright scary some days.”

State Police Lt. Michelle Robinson, public information officer for the Sixth District, provided the Morning Sun with information Wednesday about the incident, but apparently on the wrong case.

Robinson has not yet responded to a Friday morning email requesting clarification.

Meanwhile, after the incident, 3rd Coast Labrador Rescue went immediately to the shelter Tuesday to pick up and find a foster home for the surrendered dog, who is described as precious and sweet.

“She is in great hands now and we can’t wait to see her recovery and transformation,” HATS said on social media. “As always, our focus remains on helping the animals and after this situation ended, we quickly shifted back to helping this dog and the many others in our care.