May 23, 2024

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Virginia Beach dog will be featured in Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — Virginia Beach residents Ireland Miller and her mom Georgia Liguid-Miller were thrilled to learn the puppy they adopted in the Fall is a star athlete.

“She’s just so tenacious, and what she wants she gets, and she will work for it,” said Ireland.

Especially if it’s a tasty treat! You can tell that Wrigley, the Mini-Pin Chihuahua mix, is a natural athlete.


Beverly Kidd

Wrigley AKA Flea Flicker competing in Puppy Bowl

“What position do you think she would be best at?” News 3’s Beverly Kidd asked.

“I would say a forward,” said Ireland. “I would say any sport, any team she would definitely be offensive.”

No wonder she was drafted to be in the big game this year— the Puppy Bowl!

“She loves the camera, she loves posing,” said Miller.


Ireland Miller

All tuckered out after practice

The 9-month-old pooch was picked along with 129 other shelter dogs around the country to compete in Animal Planet’s annual event.

The Pungo family adopted Wrigley from the Southside SPCA in Richmond.

Wrigley was found in rural Farmville, Virginia, in a box with a few of her other siblings.

A foster family in Richmond trained Wrigley to chase toys and run fast until they felt ready to submit her for the Big Game.

The Millers had no idea they had a star on their hands.

Virginia Beach

18 dogs & puppies make it to the Virginia Beach SPCA

10:49 PM, Feb 02, 2024

“Oh yeah by the way when we say she’s a special dog she was in the puppy bowl,” said Ireland. “They filmed the Puppy Bowl. She went up to New York and did the whole process.”

“Her stage name is Flea Flicker so maybe that’s her stage persona,” Miller added.

Francee Schuma of the Southside SPCA took “Flea Flicker” to New York to watch her take on Team Ruff.

“Flea Flicker is definitely a personality, so I want you to notice her and how she gets all up in with the referee,” said Schuma. “That’s going to be fun for you to see.”

While the Puppy Bowl is fun to watch, the game’s mission is to call attention to shelter pet adoption.

“She’s on Team Fluff and we got her roster photo and just excited to see how well she did,” said Ireland. “Sorry for everyone else who was playing against her.”

Wrigley's roster photo

Animal Planet

The trio will be at a watch party in Richmond cheering on their furry family member.

“Everyone’s so excited, and they’ve made t-shirts,” Ireland laughed. “I’m just hoping for her to get a little bit of screen time, some camera time.”

Even though Wrigley was adopted in Richmond, we consider her family Positively Hampton Roads.

You can watch Wrigley ‘Flea Flicker’ in the Puppy Bowl Sunday Feb. 11 at 2 p.m. on Animal Planet.