May 23, 2024

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Shelter in Shock at Finding Tattoo on Senior Dog Saved From Breeding Horror

A California rescue shelter that took in a senior dog from animal control discovered a marking on her belly that they believe shows she was saved from a breeding horror.

An anonymous person brought Quinn, the senior French bulldog, to a local emergency vet in Fresno, California. The vet then contacted animal control, which took in Quinn until Valley Animal Center rescued her. The no-kill shelter then saw how much pain the 10-year-old dog had endured while she lived as a breeding dog.

Quinn was in rough condition. Her back and neck were covered in scabs. Her eyes were filled with “defeat, sadness and hopelessness.” The animal shelter even discovered an identifying tattoo on Quinn’s belly. These numbered markings can mean different things, like identifying a pet or a breeding, Valley Animal Center told Newsweek via TikTok. But based on the amount of scar tissue on her belly, it appears Quinn had multiple litters.

The April 27 TikTok video, posted to the account @valleyanimalcenter, shows how broken Quinn feels. You can see she’s tattered on the outside, and her eyes give a glimpse of the sadness she must feel inside.

Senior french bulldog rescue
Screenshots from an April 27 TikTok video show a senior French bulldog named Quinn, who was taken in by a rescue shelter. The dog came from a breeding facility with a tattoo on her stomach.


Quinn has yet to find trust in humans. The “unimaginable horrors” she experienced make it difficult for her to embrace care with joy and gratitude. She is distant and struggles to connect with those at the animal shelter.

She is on pain medication and antibiotics for her skin, and she receives medicated baths. Although still distant and sad, she has slowly started to get up from her kennel to greet staff members, Valley Animal Center said.

“We do want to emphasize that at this moment we are not looking for an adopter, as we are still treating her and assessing her,” Valley Animal Center said. “Quinn will be with us until she is healed and ready for a forever family.”

Aside from the pain in Quinn’s eyes, which is the result of her experience at the breeding facility, French bulldogs are known for their health problems.

French bulldogs from extreme breeding are likely to have health impacts, Newsweek previously reported. They are at a higher risk of developing 20 common disorders, compared with other dog breeds. Research shows that Frenchies are 42 times more likely to suffer from narrow nostrils and 30 times more likely to develop obstructive airway syndrome.

However, despite the problems associated with breeding them, this breed is still one of the most popular dog breeds in the United States. Frenchies topped the American Kennel Club’s list of most popular breeds in 2022 and 2023.

Viewer Reactions

Viewers’ hearts shattered after hearing about Quinn, and while she is not available for adoption yet, they are sharing her story in hopes that she receives the donations she needs for her treatment. As of Tuesday, the TikTok video had over 171,900 views, 21,900 likes and 2,098 comments.

“The eyes say it all…This poor angel. I hope she lives out her days in a loving family,” wrote one viewer.

Another said: “She deserves so much love. Praying she gets a forever home that brings her so much happiness.”

A third wrote: “I’ve never burst into tears so fast. That poor baby. All she’s known is trauma. My heart is broken.”

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